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Canning Fail

I like to try to learn new skills or add to the arsenal of skills I already have. Case in point, canning. I can put up food for us without a hitch. So I decided to try Violet Jelly this year. A friend was raving about it and linked to a recipe online. My yard is full of violets right now, so I thought,”Why not?”

So the girl and I spent about an hour collecting blossoms. Then we brought them in, did a quick rinse and placed them in a jar.


Poured boiling water over them and…



Voila! Beautiful blue shade. Isn’t it gorgeous? I let it sit for 24 hours then strained the liquid. I followed the recipe exactly. Canned it and then had this:



It looks great. However…this is the fail part. It never jelled. It remained syrup. I waited 36 hours hoping it was just a slow batch. Nope. So I thought,”Well, I can just use it as a syrup.” Gave it the old taste test. Blech! It tasted like rotten fruit. I don’t know what went wrong. It was just gross. So I had to dump it out. I was all set to try dandelion jelly too. Now I’m a little skittish.