I thought I would post a few pictures of the beginnings of the garden this year. I’m always so hopeful in Spring and lose the momentum by the end of Summer. Hoping I can avoid that this year. My husband might have to get a permit and sit out on the deck with a bow and shoot the deer if they try to eat my garden this year. I’m serious.


This is last year’s kale. It is a biennial, but most people pull it up after one season. I’m letting this batch go to seed so I can save the seeds.



I’m trying two new to me varieties of peas. Desiree Dwarf Peas.Image

And Alaska Peas.


I also ordered a raised bed from my local Master Gardeners group. We are selling them as a fundraiser for our group. I think it’s great, I’ve never used a raised bed before.

It has been filled with: Lollo DeVino lettuce, Swiss Chard, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Pepperone di Cuneo Peppers, Mixed Orach and Brussels Sprouts. Down the center of the bed I planted Globe Artichokes.



We are seriously considering another bed. I need to measure the remaining area to see if there is room for it without expanding the garden space.


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