Sliding into Spring

Strange weather we’ve been having. Super cold, long, dark winter followed by a few warm days then cold again. Then warm again, then cold again. We’ve been taking advantage of the warm days to get some gardening started. The peas are up and looking lovely. We purchased a raised bed from my Master Gardeners group, the group is selling them as a fund raiser. It is really nice, there is a seat around all the sides so you can sit down and not kill your back by bending over. I’ve got it filled up and planted already. Mixed orach, red lettuce, Brussels Sprouts, miniature peppers, New Zealand Spinach and carrots were directly seeded in the bed. I also planted globe artichokes down the center that I started from seed indoors. I started some cucmber seeds four days ago and they are almost big enough to be put outside, it just isn’t warm enough at night for that yet.

The flower beds really did well this year, most of the bulbs are well established and bloomed beautifully. We had hyacinths, daffodils, grape hyacinths, tulips, irises, crocuses and snow drops. Gorgeous. I keep forgetting to take pictures of them though. The pink azalea bushjust stared blooming, it’s fantastic. In about two weeks the lavender azalea will bloom as well. 

I planted a peach tree. It survived the winter in it’s pot and had lots of buds. Then after planting it in the ground we had a hard freeze. All of the buds were killed. So no peaches for us this year. Hopefully next year we will have some. I would also like to get a few blueberry bushes and perhaps an apple tree. We’ll see.


My girl is currently playing with her water table. That was the best five dollars I ever spent. This is the third year she has played with it. Constant source of entertainment. She looks so grown up. Long, gangly legs and arms. Where did my baby go?

The dog is chilling beside me in the sunshine. Her friends that live next door are whining out the window at her. They can see her but can’t get to her to play. Poor doggies.


Fun news…I joined the praise band at the contemporary service at my church. It’s been a great experience. I love it. I play guitar and sing. 


One thought on “Sliding into Spring

  1. Erica

    Sounds like you are off to a good start despite the weather being so inconsistent. I am hoping to get some flowers in a few pots for our patio soon.

    How fun that you are playing in the worship band!


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