The Big 4

Tomorrow my Phoebe girl will be four years old. I’m not going to say any of the typical things mom’s say. “Where has the time gone?” Nope, I know. It’s speeding by, seriously like the speed of light. We always snuggle first thing in the morning. She climbs up on my lap and gives me a squeeze. She’s so big and gangly now that she doesn’t fit on my lap. Arms and legs are everywhere. No more tiny, squishy baby. She’s so tall she looks six not four. She can sit on my lap and look me directly in the eye. Incredible.

I was prepared for infant-hood to be hard. The midnight feedings and diaper changes. The spit up and teething. Funny thing was, after the colic went away she was a dream. Seriously, the perfect angel baby. We had ten weeks of constant screaming and then it was like someone flipped a switch and gave me a new baby. I loved everything about her babyhood after that.

I was prepared for the terrible twos. Yet, she wasn’t terrible. She was pretty happy go lucky. No tremendous tantrums or anything like that. Three was when it got tough. No one ever warns you that three is worse than two. Boy has it been. On a daily basis I have felt ill equipped to mother this child. She is so smart and stubborn. So extroverted while I’m an introvert. She pushes and pushes and pushes boundaries until I’m at my wit’s end. Yet when she smiles at me or gives me a hug and says,”I love you Mommy Moo,” I melt. I wouldn’t trade this girl for anything in the world.

As we go into her fourth year I have high hopes for her. We’re doing home school preschool and she loves it. I’m hopeful that she’ll learn to read. She’s so close! She has such a big heart for animals, every stray cat or dog we see she wants to bring home. Never mind that we have two cats and a dog already. Phoebe also loves horses. She says,”I’m going to be a horse farmer when I grow up. I promise, Mommy.” I hope so. Mommy loves you Phoebe Phu.





3 thoughts on “The Big 4

  1. Dawn

    Oh my goodness. What an amazing tribute to a simply phenomenal little girl. You are an awesome Mama. Don’t you dare ever doubt it. ❤

  2. Jeanne

    Reading was my biggest worry when I homeschooled — and ended up being the easiest thing to “teach.” Since she’s “almost there,” my guess is you’ ve been reading to her and letting her connect the words on the page with what you say. You’ll be amazed how overnight, she’ll be reading. After that it’s just a matter of encouraging more and more complex stuff. When you’re one-on-one, as you are with homeschooling, it’s really just a matter of pointing in the right direction and not panicking over someone else’s nebulous time table. (Oh…and just a tip: Sooner or later you’re going to do the baking soda, vinegar and food coloring experiment. Remember to remove all pets from the area. Don’t ask how I know this.)


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