Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge




 Courtney at Women Living Well has started this challenge. This week’s challenge is to light a candle every day. I love candles, I used to burn them all the time. For some reason the super sniffer I got when I was pregnant with Phee never went away. EVERYTHING smells so strong I can’t stand it anymore. 😦 However, I do have a lovely unscented beeswax candle. It’s a beautiful pillar I bought from an etsy seller. Wish I could remember which one. Every time you see the flame you’re supposed to pray. For your family, friends, whoever comes to mind. I think I can manage this. 🙂

One thought on “Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge

  1. Dawn

    I’m the same way about scented stuff these days. And we once “left a candle unattended” only to find the side had melted in and we had a puddle of melted RED wax on our new carpeting, complete with the trail of RED wax down the front of our television and DVD player and entertainment center. We’re a little skittish of candles. So, maybe I’ll go the battery-operated tea light candle route. 😉


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