Garden Progress

My vegetable garden is just a tiny little thing. Only 10 feet by 12 feet. That’s just 120 square feet of space. We have had rain nearly every day for two straight weeks. It was just a muddy mess. So I wasn’t able to get out and work the plot at all. It has finally dried up so yesterday and the day before I was out there weeding. It really was a shameful sight. I was so embarrassed I didn’t take any before photos.

After discussing things with the extension agent we’ve come to the conclusion that the slugs came from my mulch. It was shredded hardwood mulch from a local mulch plant. They make huge piles of it before it is bagged and sold to stores. So with that in mind I decided to use straw for mulch this time. I spent about 6 hours spread over two days weeding. It took that long, honestly I’m ashamed.


It looks so much better now. The bare dirt you can see there between the beans and onions is where I tore out the spinach. It had bolted, I was very disappointed in it. The leaves were barely big enough to eat when it bolted. Not growing that variety again. So I sowed some basil seed there yesterday. Hopefully it will all germinate and I’ll have enough basil for canning pesto.

We are picking peas and green beans now. I was very excited to find little baby tomatoes on the plants too!


The squash plants have big beautiful blossoms on them too. I can’t wait to try this variety. It’s called Georgia Candy Roaster. It’s supposed to be like a butternut squash.


This is a slug I found in the yard on his way to my garden. It is the biggest slug I’ve ever seen in my life! I was about 5 inches long as it was gliding. It was bigger around than the thickness of my thumb. That’s a quarter in the picture to try to give an idea of scale.


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