Got Slugs?

I do. At first I wasn’t sure what was eating all of my flowers. In one bed every singe pansy I planted has been eaten. I finally found out it was slugs a couple days ago. This is slug damage on a marigold.


The best time to find the slugs is at night or just before sunrise. I have decided to fight them with egg shells and beer.


Crush egg shells and sprinkle them around the plants. The sharp edges will cut the slugs, so they avoid the area.


Place a bowl full of beer near the plants you want to protect as well. Make sure it is deep. If it is shallow the slugs can climb back out. As long as it is deep they will get down into the beer and drown.

2 thoughts on “Got Slugs?

  1. aliaharriman

    I’ve just recently moved to a semi rural setting and didn’t even consider slugs getting at my pots of flowers. None of them are in the ground, but I don’t suppose that makes them safe from the slimey things. Thanks for the anti-slug tricks!



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