That’s what we are. All three of us. It’s how I ended up with three cats even though my husband is allergic to them. One was ill and passed, so we were down to two. Our daughter loves dogs. They are her favorite thing in the world besides horses and chocolate. We tried last year with a dog from the pound. He was not a good fit for our family. The shelter workers lied to me about his disposition. He was aggressive to cats, barked constantly and bit my daughter. On purpose, on the face. He was very possessive of me and would push her away from me. This was not acceptable, since she was only two years old. We tried to teach him better behavior but the second time he bit her face was the last straw. So even though it broke my heart, I had to take him back. I cried in the parking lot for a long time before attempting to drive home. So we put the idea of a dog aside. It seemed better to wait until Phoebe was older.

Fast forward a year. We’ve been talking about maybe trying again. My brother-in-law is giving his mom a dog. It is a birthday present, the litter was born on her birthday, so the puppy has to wait a few weeks before she can have it. It’s a pure bred Irish Setter. I love them. They are just beautiful dogs. So we thought about maybe getting one of them. The cost was prohibitive, since they are registered with the AKC, it’s just too expensive for us.

Then a few days ago our neighbors told me about a couple little Jack Russel puppies. The mother had no milk and the owners couldn’t keep them. So a friend of theirs was looking for homes for the puppies. My neighbor decided that they were just too small. She is afraid her older Jack Russel might hurt them. She showed me a picture of the female and I fell in love. I had her send it to my husband. He said he wanted to meet her before making a decision. So we met them. Both the male and female were simply precious. We brought home the female. We’re pretty sure our neighbor is going to end up with the male. If she really decides not to take him, he said we will. So without further ado may I introduce…



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