Canning, Canning and more Canning

Last night we were blessed with a bag of plums from the neighbors. Mike has requested plum preserves. I’ll do that later. Right now I’ve got chicken soup in the pressure canner. I’ve also got beans on cooking to make White Chili. I’ll can some of that too. I’d like to can as much as I’m able to while I’m in the mood to do it. It will be so nice this winter to just pull out a jar of soup to cook when I’m tired or not feeling well instead of having to cook from scratch or order take-out.

The same neighbor also gave me a bag of zucchini. I plan to shred that and make some zucchini bread. I’ll give her a loaf, or maybe some muffins. Hmm…

I forgot how loud the canner is when it’s going. Goodness.

Phoebe was a contestant in the Little Sunflower Outfit contest for the Sunflower Fest on Saturday. I made her dress, it was cute, but not as cute as some of the others. She won 3rd place in her age group. 🙂 I didn’t realize that she would be competing with all of the pageant babies. I thought it was just going to be a little thing with three or four little kids. There were some hardcore pageant kids there. There were babies younger than Phoebe wearing makeup with their hair teased and sprayed. INSANE!

2 thoughts on “Canning, Canning and more Canning

  1. Dana

    Great Job on the canning!! I do the same thing all summer long, I can can can till I am just about give out then I spend the winter enoying all the hard work!!Hope your able to can until your completely out of jars!! It will help you build up your pantry!! Awesome!!Dana


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