Canning Pickles!

Phoebe is so excited. She loves, no LOVES pickles. She loves “keybumbers” too. We are fans of Kosher Dills, no sweet pickles for us. No thank you, you can have them.

I only planted 4 cucumber plants. I thought that would be plenty for the three of us. We’ve been eating them every day for two weeks. One day last week it was so hot I didn’t go out to check on them. So they had two whole days to grow. One of them was gigantic! I picked 26 cucumbers yesterday. Time for pickles!

Clean cucumbers ready for processing.

 Sliced cukes and fresh dill.

 First jar packed and ready to go.

Batches one and two. I’ve still got enough cucumbers to make another batch, but I need to wash more jars.

One thought on “Canning Pickles!

  1. Dana

    Great Job!!You've been bitten by the canning bug I can tell, :)I've not canned anything yet, we've been eating our cukes just about as fast as they come off the vine!!I am hoping our green beans will be ready soon so I can get them canned!!I called yesterday and free stone peaches will be ready in about 2 weeks, $8 1/2 peck, $12 peck or $16 a half bushel, Interested?? I am going to call around a couple more places.My goal is 100 qts this year, that is 100 qts of anything, not just peaches!!Once the canning bug bites though they add up fast :)Great job on the pickles!!Dana


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