I haven’t felt much like knitting lately. Blasphemy, I know! I’m chalking it up to pregnancy fatigue. The fatigue is going away, some days are better than others.

I started a baby blanket, but I really didn’t like the way it looked, so I frogged it. I decided to do the Baby Blocks by Ann Norling, that I’ve made four times now. It doesn’t look right either. I think it must be the yarn. I got several skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco, it’s partially recycled plastic bottles. It just isn’t knitting up well. Maybe I’m just being picky. I don’t know.

Oh, and how’s this for something weird? The skin is peeling off my fingers where I hold my knitting needles. I think it’s because they are metal, I have a sensitivity to nickle, but it’s never bothered my hands before. Gross.

I now have two good friends who are pregnant! I wish we lived close to each other. One is in GA, the other in VA. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration to knit things for their wee ones.

One thought on “Meh

  1. Winona

    Tiffany,Being pregnant sometimes changes the chemistry in your body. That might be why the metal is now bothering your fingers when it hasn’t before. My daughter ate some spice cake while pregnant and it gave her terrible hives. Never had before. Glad you are feeling like knitting again. Winona


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