Stretchy Monkies for Sarah Jane

I had been holding off on posting until Sarah got her socks in the mail. She got them today, so here you go interwebs.

These were made with Patons Stretch sock yarn. I’ve never used yarn with elastic in it. It was very weird for me. Truthfully, it felt funny. It didn’t slide easily over my fingers or the needles. I’m a tight knitter, but was afraid to pull it too tight. I thought I might be pulling the elastic to the breaking point.

All is well that ends well….
They fit! She loves them. I’m so relieved. I’m glad you like them Sarah. If you want to show them off, feel free. ;P

3 thoughts on “Stretchy Monkies for Sarah Jane

  1. Winona

    Tiffany, these socks turned out so great. Some day I hope to learn to knit socks. Not right now, though. I am having too much fun quilting. LOL Winona


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