Sidelined by injury(ies)

As you may well know, I’m clumsy. I don’t think clumsy is a good enough adjective to describe me though. I’m an injury waiting to happen, a disaster magnet. Seriously, if there is anything that could possibly happen to hurt you, it will or has happened to me. Case in point:
I have now fallen down 2 flights of outside stairs, on separate occasions.
I broke my leg in elementary school gym class.
I have broken both pinkie toes on numerous occasions, both are now crooked.
I can’t walk across a flat surface without tripping.

Worst of all has been the most recent event. I cut my index finger and thumb, on the same hand, trying to wash the grater attachment for my food processor. You know, if you turn it one side up it grates and the other side up it slices, right? Well the slicer blade got me. It is horribly bad on my thumb. Probably should have gone to get a couple stitches. It’s really, really deep. That freaking blade was SHARP! Word to the wise kids, be careful!

As the title says, I was sidelined. I did this on Monday and couldn’t pick up the knitting needles until last night. No, it isn’t healed yet, not even close. It’s just not as sore. I can deal with the discomfort of holding the needles now. That’s right, pain is good! I’m so hardcore, yeah right. LOL

I decided to make myself a pair of Evangeline mitts. I didn’t want the short or the long version. So I’m going with one in between. I have 5 total repeats of the cable pattern. I’m also making them two colors. I have leftover Shine from the Cassidy sweater and two balls of Shine in a different color. I had ordered them a couple years ago, but hadn’t made a thing with them yet. Exciting, isn’t it?

One thought on “Sidelined by injury(ies)

  1. sarahjane

    Your in depth descriptions of slicing open your thumb are making my “butt pucker”. Please stop! I will pray for your recovery, but please no more details! :o)


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