4 thoughts on “Another Photo Post

  1. faerieeva

    Wow, I am so impressed looking at your pictures. From the viewpoint of a beginning knitter, it all looks so hard! Then again, if I look at my first pair of baby booties and the second, there is a marked difference. So maybe I too will get there this year. My goal for this year though are socks. I am going to try a pair of magic loop socks. I bought some nice sugar and cream cotton. Would those be good to just work a trial pair in?

  2. faerieeva

    I’ld love a pattern. Something very, very, very easy. *LOL* Maybe something that you made yourself so I can come and cry to you and ask you what all the scary things mean?

  3. Francine

    Hey girl! I got your comment on my blog so to answer your question I live in cartersville,ga and those pictures are from the Amicola Falls about a hour from here. Thanks for checking out my blog!!


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