I finished the second sock! The hubs now has his very own pair of hand knit socks. I’m so glad he likes them. He said they are so awesome he’ll need six other pairs. One for each day of the week. 😉 He said he’s got a sweater I can take apart if I need yarn. Haha
Someone has been looking up knitting on the intrawebs. I’ve never told him you can take apart sweaters to reuse the yarn. He’s a smart cookie, that one.

3 thoughts on “Finito

  1. faerieeva

    *chuckles* It’s my big ambition to knit a pair of socks for my husband. It probably sounds like a weird ambition to many people, but I guess you would understand it. I always love the pictures of your knits. I just finished my second pair of baby socks and the difference between that first pair and the second is … considerable! *L*

  2. Dana

    I would love to learn to knit for socks alone, but I know I am just not coordinated enough to use 2 needles at once. Kudos to you,I know you were excited to knit these for him!!! I think its great that Mike loves what you made him!!!


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