I bit the bullet

I decided which project to order yarn for. I was a little hesitant, because it was a lot of money. Well, it seemed like a lot to me. I decided on Cassidy it looks great and from other people’s comments doesn’t seem too hard. My dh even said he loves it. He said, go for it, you’ll do a great job and look fantastic in it. I hope so. Oh, then he said, “Congratulations, your birthday present is lumber.” You should have seen the look on my face. That made no sense to me at all! He explained that it was like giving me lumber, becuase it was a raw material to make a final product with. Oh, I gotcha! My brain was too fogged up with thoughts of yarn and still swiming in the Indain food.
I’ve been dying for some Indian food for months! We promised each other that’s what we would do for our birthdays. His was two weeks ago, but we didn’t go then because his mother came for a visit and took us out to eat somewhere else. So, I had to wait until my birthday to have it. Definitely worth the wait.

One thought on “I bit the bullet

  1. Dana

    Ooooh!! I like it too, Mike is right you will look great in it!!What color did you pick to knit it in? Ummmm I’m guessing Green or Black?Glad you had a great birthday!!Dana


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