Birthday Lists

My birthday is on Monday, and my kind, sweet, wonderful hubby said I could order things from Knitpicks…
That’s right, I get to buy knitterly things! How incredible is it that he supports my habit? He knows I’m addicted and he enables it. :0 The problem is I can’t decide what to get. I have a couple things picked out for sure, but…I don’t know what yarn to get. I went through all the patterns in my ravelry queue and added up the yardages and cost of different types of yarn for each one. I’d like to make another sweater. I just can’t decide which one! Maybe I should just order a ton of sock yarn and wear out my obsession with socks for a while. I just can’t make up my mind. ~sigh~

One thought on “Birthday Lists

  1. Dana

    Have a great birthday Tommorrow!! And I am sure you will pick out something Maaaavuuulous!! LOLHow great of your dh to send you on a shopping spree!!!Happy Birthday!!Dana


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