Substitute Project

So, that’s what I call it when I have to stop in the middle of one project and start something else. I have had to put the sweater on hold until I can get more yarn. So I pulled some of my stashed wool and have started making a hat. I have a pattern for a rolled brim felted hat. I’ve always wanted to have one, so I’ll just make one. It’s ok, I’d rather be working on my sweater though. My fingers are just itching for it.
~Sigh~ Yes, I’m obsessed.

One thought on “Substitute Project

  1. isaiahsmommy78

    Obsessed? Not anymore than me. I’ll knit a row here and there throughout the day when Isaiah lets me. I knit in the morning before he gets up. I knit during naptime. I knit while Joe bathes him. I knit when Joe plays with him. I knit after he goes to sleep. I think about knitting constantly. I dream about knitting. I have my next 5 projects chosen, and have ideas for the next 6. I magic loop a sock with the yarn in my pocket while walking around the yard following Isaiah around. You get the picture…


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